Financial Literacy: the key to success

Credit In The WorkPlace

Having good credit is not only important in your everyday life, it’s also important when you’re applying for work. Think about it, if you aren’t financially responsible in your everyday life- how can employers trust that you’re going to make good decisions while working for their company?

Let’s get into it? Here is what  makes up your credit score:

Credit History: Are you paying your bills on Time
Utilization: How much debt do you have
Credit Mix: Your Portfolio
Credit Age: Length of Credit History
Inquires: New Credit/Are you hunting for money
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Don’t have the money to invest into improving your credit? Here are a few gems:

  • Start by learning more about your credit profile. You can start with CreditKarma since it’s free.
  • Write down your statement date for each card. Be mindful of your statement dates and interest rates when coming up with a plan to pay down your debt.
  •  Interest: On every statement there is a little section that shows you how much you will potentially pay in interest, if you don’t pay that debt off.  Bottom line = Stop giving your money away!
  • Do not close cards with good credit age, regardless of your interest rate. You do not have to use that card irresponsibly! 
  • Ask a trusted loved one to add you as an authorized user or pay for trade lines w/ good credit age if you are new to credit.
  • At the end of the day, credit is king, don’t think cash is the only way to make your dreams come true! 

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