Career Takeoff (Accelerator) Course

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Our strategy has landed our clients jobs & interviews at companies like…

HCA, UHS, Sharp, Mayo Clinic, Kaiser, UMC, Cleveland Clinic, Google, Amazon, Clark Atlantic, USAA, and many more.

Your resume and interview responses communicate in a concise manner the benefits you will bring to the job when hired. Let us show you exactly what you need to do to stand out against other applicants. This package provides you with a through resume writing and interview course with tons of gems, a job hunt guide, and a general resume template!

Here is Our Value Add:

+ 19 years’ experience in Human Resources, Healthcare Management & Clinical Operations.

+ A background in interviewing 100s of candidates for administrative, clinical, leadership and physician roles. I know what the successful 2% do differently.

+ Experience in helping HUNDREDS of people land interviews and dream jobs.

+ Two Masters Degree in Healthcare Management and Public Health, in addition, I have degrees in Biology and Business, and am a Certified Resume Writer.

+ Insider knowledge of what important decision-makers are actually looking for, far beyond the job post.

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Our Career Takeoff Course Will Accelerate Your Career!

The Job Search & Making a Resume Doesn’t Have to Be So Complicated. We Share Our Proven Strategies to Get You a Seat at the Table…

Our courses, templates, and eBooks will give you the insight that you need to get your foot in the door.

The key to having a successful career pivot is marketing yourself the right way. We will review & critique your resume from top to bottom.

Our guidance will help you curate an impressive resume that will stand out to employers and potential clients. Together, we will work to improve the content and presentation of your current resume and interview skills to accelerate your career in no time.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Mindset Shift: Focus on Aligning your Career & Lifestyle.
  • A video review of your resume.
    • Help removing red flags
    • Suggest resume layout changes
  • How To Write the Ultimate Resume Course- 20-minute videos with tons of gems. We’ll provide a step-by-step walk through to help you as you work on making a resume (a good resume).
    • How To Find Your Career Purpose
    • How To Position Yourself as the Best Candidate
    • How To Decide Which Skills are Transferable
    • How to Tackle the ATS and Land the Job of Your Dreams
  • Resume e-Book & Resume Templates
    • A 17-page, comprehensive resume writing step-by-step guide that provides guidance to finding the right job for you.
    • Resume FAQ’s Guide
  • Interview Course with insider tips so that you can ACE the interview! When you receive a call back for an open position, you’re halfway there! The goal is not to talk yourself out of the position! Not to worry, our team has years of experience in recruiting, hiring and leadership roles! We provide interview prep techniques that will help with your anxiety and prepare you to land the career of your dreams!
    • 20-minute Course
    • Interview Questions eBook
    • Interview Guide Workbook
  • Job Hunt Course, 13-page How to Job Hunt eBook, Job Hunt Workbook
  • Linked Optimization Course & e-Book
  • Cover Letter Template

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